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Presented here are video clips from some of the sections in Volume 1, Unit 1 of IN ENGLISH. (Units 1 through 4 are called IN ENGLISH ON YOUR OWN.) You will want to download the workbook for Unit 1 and refer to the workbook as you review the video clips.

You may also want to download Welcome to IN ENGLISH. This will provide more detail about how to use IN ENGLISH.

Download QuickTime You will need QuickTime 6 or higher to play these movie clips. Turn up your speakers for the full effect.

1. SCENE [S]
The SCENE section is the first section in each of the 12 units. The Scenes introduce the sentence Structure and Vocabulary that will be learned in each unit. The learner's task is to view the Scene and determine how much of the language they understand. Scenes (1.6 MB).

The VOCABULARY section presents the vocabulary shown in the Scene in visual captioned and spoken contexts. The learner's task is to review the vocabulary until they learn it. Nouns (1.3 MB), Verbs (1.0 MB), Other Words (1.4 MB), Basics (prepositions) (1.8 MB), Expressions (.5 MB).

The PRONUNCIATION section consists of all the Vocabulary for pronunciation practice. The learner's task is to listen and repeat the words. Pronunciation (1.0 MB).

The QUESTIONS section presents questions on the Scene. The answers to the questions are written on the screen in the 4 units of IN ENGLISH ON YOUR OWN. The learner's task is to understand the questions and answers and be able to write the answers when viewing the Scene. Questions (1.7 MB).

The STRUCTURE section presents the key grammar points in bold taught in each unit. The learner's task is to listen and repeat to reinforce the grammar patterns. Intro (1.5 MB), Words (1.2 MB).

The WRITING section consists of exercises which provide practice with the grammar and vocabulary of the unit. The learner's task is to write the answers in their workbook and to respond orally to the exercises. Writing (1.8 MB).

In the DIALOG section, the learner sees and hears the vocabulary and sentence structure taught in the unit in natural-paced, informal conversation. The Dialog takes the form of a story that is sequential through the whole curriculum. The learner's task is to listen to the characters talk and determine how much is understood. The learner can go back and review vocabulary that they don't understand. The learner is given the opportunity to role play, with a teacher on the video playing one of the parts. The learner can also find a partner and role play the dialog. Dialog (1.3 MB), Interactive (1.7 MB), Role Play (1.3 MB).

There is no sample video clip for this workbook section. A video section for the CONVERSATION appears for the first time in Unit 2. The questions in the Conversation section give the viewer practice in using the vocabulary and sentence structure in everyday situations. The learner's task is to practice these questions and answers with a partner.

The EVALUATION provides practice in using basic function words, the verb "to be," prepositions, articles, etc. in a modified Cloze test. The learner's task is to complete the Evaluation by filling in the blanks without looking at the Scene section. Evaluation (1.5 MB).

10. TEST
The TEST provides an end-of-unit check. In the first unit, the answers are provided. Test (1.3 MB).

The complete IN ENGLISH curriculum consists of 20 videos or DVDs. Five workbooks accompany the videos. Volume 1 of IN ENGLISH known as IN ENGLISH ON YOUR OWN, consists of 12 videos or DVDs covering 4 units. These first 4 video/DVD units contain all of the sections outlined above. These 4 units are presented in 1 workbook. Some segments of the video are repeated in order to reinforce key points and to remind learners of the necessity of repetition in language learning.

Volumes 2 through 5 of IN ENGLISH videos/DVDs do not contain the workbook exercises or any repetition on the videos or DVDs. Learners and teachers already know what is required in Volumes 2 through 5, modeling on what they learned from Volume 1.

The video sections contained in Volumes 2 through 5 are the Scene, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Dialog.

If you have any questions, please email us at: or call: 800-367-3806 in the U.S. or 626-799-4729 outside the U.S.

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