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Video Language is a company publishing and selling video-based materials for teaching and learning English, and for learning to speak English with an American accent. Since 1987, our videos and workbooks have been used in libraries, community colleges, literacy and refugee/amnesty programs, high schools, and adult schools. Private language schools in other countries use our materials to teach English and to illustrate informal American culture.

Our materials can be used with learners who are at the very beginning level, through an intermediate level of ESL. They are used successfully with people from any native language.

Video Interview with Author

See how it all began in this Teacher Talk interview with the author. The first class included students from all over the world, including an 89-year old from Eastern Europe!

After one week [the students] could understand a page of English!... learning vocabulary twice as fast as before!

The 10-minute QuickTime clip is available as (Low-res 9.1 MB) or (Hi-res 17.5 MB).

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